Berlogar Stevens & Associates (BSA) is a full-service geotechnical firm that is owned and staffed by experienced professional engineers, geologists, field technicians, and special inspectors.  The firm was founded as Berlogar, Long and Associates in 1973 on the principle of providing high quality geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, and environmental consulting services.  Berlogar Geotechnical Consultants continued the tradition of providing quality engineering and maintaining highly reputable engineering standards. 
BSA was established in 2011, and is known for its common sense solutions to complicated geotechnical issues.


Our staff of engineers, geologists, special inspectors and field technicians offers a wide variety of experience in geotechnical and civil engineering, environmental engineering, special inspection and testing, and materials engineering.  Our continued objectives are to maintain high professional standards while extending the scope of services that we provide.  Berlogar Stevens & Associates specializes in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines related to the earth sciences.